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  • Classes: Monday-Friday

YoBilityFit combines the best of Yoga, Mobility and high intensity training all in a one hour class. YoBilityFit programming is designed with 20-30 minutes of Yoga and/or Mobility exercises and 20-30 minutes of high intensity workouts everyday. In the YoBilityFit classes we will NOT be doing any weightlifting with a barbell. However, we will be utilizing a variety of other functional fitness items to keep things constantly varied. Things like kettlebells, dumbbells, med balls, sand bags, sleds, ropes, plyo boxes, gymnastic rings, pull up bars, and much, much more...

Why You Choose Yobility?

You can cancel your two separate memberships for Yoga and cardio! We finally have a place where both are combined in a dynamic way to help you burn fat, build muscle and feel amazing! Get started by filling out the following waiver today. Then come on in to the class time that works best for you. There is no prerequisite classes for YoBilityFit, so just come on in.

  • Monday Thru Friday at 9:30am
  • Monday Thru Thursday 5:00pm
  • We Offer Childcare at 5:00pm
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Happy Client’s

I love the YoBilityFit class because it is the perfect amount of cardio and encourages me to take the necessary time to experience Yoga and Mobility movements that increase my overall health and fitness.

katie Reed

CrossFit Coach

I really enjoy the YoBilityFit. You get an awesome workout and allow your body the needed stratching after working so hard. Most people don't stretch enough and this class incorporates a great workout with giving you the chance to help your body recuperate. Nice change of pace.

Kathi Blais

Crossfit Coach

It is a great mix of high intensity intervals using a huge variety eqipment and functional movements. It's a fun workout for anyone not want to use the barbell for weight lifting. You also get the added bonus of Yoga and working on mobility at the end of the class!

Katie Shaw

YoBilityFit member