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Experience:4 Years

Phone:(229) 251-2829

Polly Barcol



CrossFit-L1, Precision Nutritional Coach, Life Coach


Polly Barcol was born in the early 70’s in Paris, KY; outside of Lexington.   She has been married to Kelly since 1993. Polly was active growing up, always outside riding bikes, playing kickball, or hide-and-seek with friends.  On entering 6th grade, Polly fell in love with cheerleading and was a competitive cheerleader through high school.  Polly found another love on the dance team at Morehead State University. Polly graduated from Morehead State University in 1995 with two Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Electronic Media.  Everyone predicted she would be the next Doctor Ruth☺ After marriage and a baby, Polly found herself overweight, and with the encouragement of a good friend, she lost 30 pounds and started to Walk/Jog.  As she got older, this regimen just didn’t have the same results.  She started putting on some weight and felt discouraged.  After years of the same routine, her husband Kelly challenged her to try CrossFit.  At forty years old, Polly became a CrossFit athlete and fell in love again.  She finally found something active she not only enjoyed, but was driven to do! Thanks to CrossFit Polly was able to lose 10 pounds, develop a cleaner, healthier diet, and is in the best shape of her life. In May 2016, Polly became a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer and has been coaching CrossFit methodology ever since.