Winnersville Nutrition

What is Nutritional Coaching? A body transformation coaching program with one on one interaction with a personal coach who guides you through life-long changes in your eating and lifestyle.

Why Nutritional Coaching?

Most of us know we can (and maybe even how to) eat healthier, but we are not doing it. Nutritional Coaching gives you the encouragement, knowledge, and accountability you need to accomplish your nutritional goals.

What is the commitment to Nutritional Coaching?

Nutritional Coaching is a 12-month commitment to meeting with your personal coach once a month for 30-45 minutes. You will begin with a complete assessment to determine where you are and where you want to go. Your coach will prescribe a nutritional plan and next steps to help move you toward your goals. The cost is $40.00 per session for CFW athletes and $75.00 per session for non-CFW athletes.


What Client’s Say


Megan Shawer / Crossfit Member

I love Crossfit Winnersville because of the support and strength it has given me to get back to my true self mind, body, and spirit. It;s always there for me when I have a good or bad day, thanks for everything!


Kathi Blais / Crossfit Coach

I love the encouragement and camaraderie. I love that some of the coaches/friends know you well enough to push you where you need it and wonder where you are if you don't show up. Holds you accountable. I love that it is a challenge in a different way everyday! Physically and mentally.


Justin Joiner / Crossfit Member

In just a little over a month I had already noticed a change in my body, my level of conditioning, and strength. The coaches have been awesome about teaching me and pushing me to do more.


Tony Flail / Crossfit Member

I have definitely gained strength. I have also gained a ton of respect for Kelly. I also love the morale of all the athletes and the competition that goes on during every workout.