Crossfit 101

This Intro to CrossFit teaches the fundamental movements of CrossFit and modifications for more advanced skill so that new members feel prepared and confident to join into our group CrossFit Classes.

CrossFit 101 is required in order to participate in any regularly scheduled CrossFit Winnersville training sessions. The purpose of CrossFit 101 is to work with a coach to learn proper form and technique. In this series of skills training sessions, you will be introduced to the basic movements and methodology of CrossFit that are needed to participate in our group training sessions. This mandatory training reduces the risk of injury and allows every athlete to learn the proper movements under the watchful eye of a professional trainer.

Our 2-session New Member CrossFit 101 is offered as a group intro class the 1st week of every month: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 6:00-7:00pm. If you want to get started right away CrossFit 101 can be scheduled privately anytime for a $30 fee. Any other time can be worked out to meet your needs; however, there will have to be a fee for the trainer to come in. Please let us know if you need to work out a special time for CrossFit 101 in order to get started. Your first months payment is prorated from your first 101 session to the end of the month.