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Kelly Barcol was born November 15, 1968 and raised in Covington, KY; which is directly across the river from Cincinnati.   He has been married to Polly since 1993.  They have one son, Joshua, who is a Musical Theater graduate from Valdosta State University. He is currently striving to catch a break in Los Angeles , California. Kelly played baseball, basketball and football from age 7 to 14.  It wasn’t until 10th grade that he found the sport of wrestling, which he would excel in.  Finishing his senior year 5th place and the fastest pin (11sec) in the Kentucky State Championship.  Kelly also made the USA Sombo Team for the 1987 World Cup in Morocco and the 1988 World Championships in Toronto, Canada where he placed 6th in the world and had the fastest win with a 19sec arm bar submission. Kelly graduated from Morehead State University in 1994 where was on the 1992 National Championship Cheer Team as seen on ESPN. 
Coaching experience:  4 years, Assistant coach for Northern KY Wrestling Club;  4 years, Head coach and choreographer for Bourbon Co high school competition cheer team; 3 years, assistant coach cheer team and cheer gymnastic at Roseberg high school; 3 years, cheer gymnastics and cheer teams instructor at C.A.T.S Cheer gym in KY;  2 years, Head coach for Valdosta YMCA All Star Cheer Team and cheer gymnastics instructor; 4 years, assistant for South Georgia Wrestling Club; 2 years, Valwood Jv and Varsity wrestling coach. At forty years old, Kelly found himself gasping for air after pushing some furniture up a small hill during a move.  After going at least ten years with no exercise at all, Kelly made his first appearance at a CrossFit affiliate in the summer of 2009.   Within three months time he lost thirty-five pounds and was on his way to being more fit than ever before. Thanks to CrossFit Kelly was able to check MMA cage fighting off of his bucket list.  Winning his first fight in the cage at age 44 at Valdosta’s Winter Heat in February 2013. Kelly is a Level 2 CrossFit Trainer and has been coaching adults and students in CrossFit methodology since 2011. Kelly has a CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Level 2 Certificate, CrossFit Level 1 Gymnastics, successful completion of CrossFit Judges course, CrossFit Scaling course, and CrossFit Goal Setting course.