Coach Justin J.

Phone:(229) 251-2829

Justin Joiner



CrossFit-L1, CF Gymnastics


Growing up Justin loved and played sports. Justin played football and baseball every season, but never seemed to be as “good” or “athletic” as everyone else. He was a chunky kid and had to work a lot harder than everyone else and fight for his position. He wasn’t fast, so Justin played offensive line and the outfield. During his Junior year of high school he lost a lot of weight and became too small to play football, so he focused on tennis and golf. Sports stopped after high school and Justin found himself gaining "the freshman 15", so he started running and going to the gym. In 2015 a friend convinced Justin to try CrossFit. He puked after his first two workouts and quickly realized that nothing he had ever done was as effective as CrossFit. He immediately began to see positive changes in his body and was becoming stronger and faster. Through CrossFit Justin has been able to learn new skills that he never thought possible. After a year he decided he wanted to become a coach/trainer and inspire others the way he had been inspired by my coaches. Coach Justin is currently Level 1 CrossFit Trainer with a CrossFit Gymnastics Certification.